We do more than design, build and renovate houses. We create homes.
A home is a sanctuary, a safe haven, a living organism with heart and soul through which energy travels, room to room. It is the vessel in which your family blooms, it is the incarnation of your lifestyle, and it is the manifestation of your dreams.
Your home is a reflection of you and the life you are meant to live. LIVE BRILLIANTLY!


Unlike most proclaimed “design-build” contractors who sub out their design services or who employ entry-level interns and draftsmen to do their designs, The Make Ready Co. has been a design-driven firm since its inception in 2003.


From detailed estimating and scheduling, to seasoned project management, The Make Ready Co. has always been known for its unparalleled construction abilities. The Make Ready Co. builds all its own designs, so there is no misunderstanding or finger-pointing during construction. Working together under one roof, our designers are in constant contact with the project manager, working in unison with your interests at the forefront.


Imagine the results if Picasso designed his works in his imagination and then bid out the implementation of his ideas to several different painters or designers. True design-build is not a new idea; in fact it has been used for centuries, with most European cathedrals and important architectural masterpieces being designed and built by the same entity. Cohesive design and implementation is essential to successful projects, and leads to quicker, less painful and more cost-effective results.


We specialize in difficult in-town lots with complex zoning issues and we create dramatic life-time homes. We employ the same design philosophies on new homes as we do our renovations: every space is essential and intentional.


No one can think of the best kitchens and bathrooms in Dallas without recognizing The Make Ready Co.. For ten consecutive years a The Make Ready Co.’s has been designing and building the most elegant and prestigious remodels the industry has to offer. We work with our customers to design and build the bathroom and kitchen of your dreams.


We believe that a home is not complete until everything is in its place and there is a place for everything. Building with your lifestyle in mind also means surrounding you with just the right textures, fabrics, colors and furnishings that bring a sense of peace and inner happiness to your life. We design and build custom furniture, beds, lights, metal work, barn doors–where there is a unique need, we are on it.


Many companies have jumped on the green bandwagon lately acting as though it were a new trend. The Make Ready Co., since its inception in 2003, has taken the environment seriously. We have always had recycling containers on our job sites, have hired only non-smoking employees, have been a leader in green building design. Most companies think green building is about products; while they are important, The Make Ready Co. knows that the most effective solution is to design the appropriate green building techniques into the project from the start. A timeless The Make Ready Co. kitchen will always be better on the environment than a poorly designed kitchen packed with the latest eco products and green technology that is ripped out after five frustrating years.


Whether you think of handicapped, accessible, or aging in place, all of our designs take into consideration universal design elements that will insure ease of use and lasting value for your investment. We all get older every day, and in the meantime we may find ourselves with temporary ailments and disabilities, or have a 2 year-old in the house. We believe universal design should be considered and stylishly integrated into the overall design where appropriate–better lighting, zero-entry showers, wider doors and halls, etc.


Many people think The Make Ready Co. is only about high design and major undertakings. Our clients still have small projects and special needs that have to be addressed, so our service department is there to help. Whether our clients need a shower pan replacement, a playhouse, a new garage or they just need their toenails trimmed, we are there!


Many of our clients lead busy lives with pressures from work, family and travel, and prefer to leave the hassles of home maintenance to The Make Ready Co.. Let us custom design a cost-effective monthly, quarterly or annual program to proactively address your home’s needs while you focus on the things that matter to you the most. There is no job to large or too small for the professionals at The Make Ready Co.. Please give us a call for a free estimate. Thanks