Make Ready Apartments

Make Ready Services and home repairs for Realtors, property managers and apartment managers.

The Make Ready Company guarantees to have your previously occupied apartments cleaned and painted at the best possible price.

Clean sink, tub, toilet, and inside/out.
Clean faucets.
Clean tile in shower.
Clean counter tops and mirrors.
Clean inside all drawers and cabinets.

Sweep and mop all floors.
Vacuum all carpets.
Clean light fixtures.
Clean switch plates to outlet covers.
Sweep porch, patio/balcony, and storage area.
Clean ceiling fans.
Clean fireplace.
Clean mini blinds.
Clean window sills

Clean all appliances inside/out
Clean behind, underneath, inside, refrigerator, and stove.
Clean inside all drawers, cabinets, and pantries.
Clean sinks, faucets, and counter tops.