Inspection Report Bids/Repairs

Inspection Report Home Repair Specialists!

The Make Ready Company is the premier firm to handle inspection report repairs. It’s our specialty.

The Inspection Report is a critical component in the home buying process, but it doesn’t cover everything in a home. The Make Ready Company can handle inspection report home repairs and more. Home inspectors should perform a visual inspection of a home or property from rooftop to foundation, including all the main mechanical and plumbing systems in between. Once the report is complete, send it to us at

Licensed home inspectors are required to provide their clients written reports of the home inspection. The report needs to contain detailed information on the subject property, and should be delivered no later than a week after the inspection. Some inspectors provide their reports within 24 hours. The Make Ready Company is the premier firm in Dallas/ Ft. Worth to price inspection reports for Realtors so they can spend more time with their clients and less time managing sub contractors. And the pricing service is FREE to Realtors for a limited time!

The inspection report needs to clearly identify the components and systems of the property observed by the inspector. Many inspectors will include photos. It is from these photos and reports that we price the repairs. Of course, for more complicated issues one of our licensed professionals will visit the home to ensure an accurate assessment.

Here are the key areas you can expect to be covered in a home inspection report:

• Structural components including foundation and framing of the home.
• Exterior features including siding, soffit, porches, balconies, walkways, railings and driveways.
• Roof system including shingles, flashing and skylights.
• Electrical system including service panels, breakers and fuses.
• Plumbing systems including pipes, drains, water heating equipment and sump pumps.
• Heating system including equipment and venting.
• Cooling system including energy sources and distribution equipment.
• Interior features including walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, stairs and railings.
• Insulation and ventilation including those in the attic and other unfinished spaces.
• Fireplaces including chimneys and vents.

The Make Ready Company is the first of its kind to specialize in inspection report repairs. Our goal is to serve the Realtor and their Client by offering fast, fair and affordable pricing and repairs. This enables both buyer and seller of a home to come to agreement faster and with less hassle during the Option Period of a real estate contract. And it allows the Realtor to focus on what they do best! Sell homes!

Please give us a call at 844-MakeReady today! You may also email us at Repairs@The
Our goal is to simplify a part of the home buying process that often times causes confusion and stress.